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What are the Current Trends in Web Development

What are the current trends in web development


Web development is changing so quickly, it is often difficult to keep up with current trends in 2019.


The easiest way to do this, though, is to pay attention to current web development trends so that you are always one step ahead of what is happening.


What are the current trends in web development? -- There is a huge list of things that are currently happening in web development. Things that are going to impact how all of us interact in apps and in browsers in the coming years, as well as impact our privacy and our online security.


The following, however, are some of the more important ones.


The Internet of Things -- Up until recently, being online only impacted you when using your phone, tablet or computer. In the future, however, the Internet of Things is going to mean the Internet will impact so many more things in your home. Everything from watches to refrigerators, home security systems to gaming systems.


Everything will have screens you can interact with, and be connected to everything else.


Voice search -- Up until recently most people typed in their search requests, as trying to use voice search was frustrating due to it not being accurate.


Nowadays, however, it is so much easier to speak into your phone's audio system, and to immediately have Google, Yahoo or Bing pop up the search results you requested.


Machine learning -- Machine learning is one of the most exciting things in web development in 2019. It means software you are using will be able to automatically change and improve itself without you having to tell it what to do.


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