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Implementing Web Development Trends To Stay On Top

Implementing Web Development Trends To Stay On Top




Web development has constantly changed since the internet boom in the 1990s. As the devices we use all change and get better, the technology used in web development does as well. Look into these development trends to know what is going on right now.


Progressive Web Apps


The tech industry changed when smartphones started hitting the market with the original iPhone in 2007. While many companies rushed to get their own app available on the market, many websites took a hit by not being focused on as much for mobile platforms. Today, developer use what they have learned from working on mobile apps to make the web browsing experience on mobile better through what is called progressive web apps. These "web apps" are essentially versions of pre-existing websites that are optimized for mobile to the point where they can resemble mobile apps. This includes functionality apps usually have such as being able to access features of the phone such as the camera and microphone, along with being able to get push notifications. Making your website a progressive web app is a trend to use if you're looking to make your content the best for mobile devices.


Accelerated Mobile Pages


Creating a website that's a progressive web app is a good trend to follow, but you also need to make sure the website is quick. In past years, Google has incentivized developers to follow their accelerated mobile pages project so their sites appear more towards the top of search listings. By implementing accelerated mobile pages into your project, you can make a website that loads many seconds quicker than a traditional webpage. Not only will this help your search listings, but a user is more likely to stay on the page if it loads quicker rather than backing out when it takes a long time to load. Follow this trend if you want a successful mobile page.




Trends like these are the perfect way to ease people into your websites. Make sure to not only follow these trends but keep up to date on the internet about what is new. Not many industries make you stay on your toes as web development does. Click on Dubai CRM for more details.


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