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What is Oracle EBS and is it a good choice for your business?


If you are looking for ways to streamline your business, and to make your customer relationship management much easier, someone may have told you to use Oracle EBS.


What is Oracle EBS, and is it a good choice for your business?


What is Oracle EBS? -- With its full title being Oracle E-Business Suite, it is a set of software programs that were designed to help a company manage customer service, organize their supply chain and to put the main functions of their business organization into one system that all then work together.


Oracle EBS is used by some of the world's biggest and smallest companies, and is one of Oracles most popular applications.


What can it do for your business? -- If you run a global company, Oracle EBS can help you manage your corporate finances. It can improve your customer relationship management across all products and services, and can even facilitate your project management needs.


If you need analytics capabilities so you can make decisions about necessary changes to be made company-wide, Oracle EBS also has a superb analytics program that can give you all the facts and figures you need.


In other words, Oracle EBS can pull together all aspects of your company management needs, and present them to you in one application.


How do you know if you need Oracle EBS? -- Whether you are running a small or a large company, Dubai Oracle EBS could help you gather information about your operations and then run them properly.


A small company can benefit from the application, as it gives you the chance to set up a system that will give you superb management options and that you can then grow with.


A large company can benefit by being able to have the high levels of organization and oversight they should have had long ago.

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